About Buzzlord

Buzzlord was created to provide free advertising to webmasters with emerging web sites by allowing them to leverage empty advertising space on their sites as traffic, FOR FREE. This is especially useful to webmasters who are not selling specific products but are seeking to build repeat traffic to their sites. Buzzlord is different from other free advertising exchanges because it is strictly regulated. Our goal is to provide a quality service that actually helps small websites and blogs build credibility, establish a brand identity, and increase readership.

Buzzlord was created by a small company of dedicated individuals, but we couldn't have done it alone. Below we'd like to acknowledge some of the anonymous help we've received through creative commons licenses and other sources. A big thank you to everyone listed below:

FamFamFam Silk Icons Pack - A GREAT collection of icons for use with the web.
Theme Lab - An excellent source of premade blog themes.