How Buzzlord Works

Display Buzzlord ads on your site(s).

Each user must display Buzzlord ads on any site. Displaying the ads is easy; simply copy the code provided by Buzzlord and paste it into the desired space on your web site.

Earn credits for displaying ads.

Each time your site is visited you will receive ad credits from Buzzlord for displaying ads. If an ad displayed on your site is clicked on, you will receive additional credits.

Your ads bring traffic back to your site.

Visitors to other Buzzlord network sites will see your targeted ads, increasing traffic to your site.

Buzzlord creates a positive feedback loop.

Create ads to display on other sites.

Buzzlord users create professional-style ads that are displayed to a targeted audience as they visit sites within the Buzzlord network.

Your ads are displayed throughout our network.

Once you’ve begun displaying Buzzlord ads on your site, your ads will begin to be displayed throughout the Buzzlord network, bringing traffic to your site.