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Buzzlord FAQ:

Q. How is Buzzlord Free Advertising different from traditional Pay-Per-Click advertising?

A. Buzzlord's Free Advertising model has an advantage over Pay-Per-Click ads in that Buzzlord better enables you to widen your search for new readers/customers/clients. The Pay-Per-Click model works best when only the most interested prospective customers visit your site because of the prohibitive cost per click -- if a certain percentage of visitors aren't interested enough to buy or return to your site, you lose money. Buzzlord allows you to broaden your advertising campaigns to target a broader range of prospective customer, bringing more attention and new potential readers/customers/clients to your site. Buzzlord also allows you to increase the visibility of your brand without paying the high price of traditional PPC advertising.

Q. What is a Campaign?

A. A Campaign describes the web site you would like to promote to Buzzlord and also contains the advertisements for that site. Each Campaign is made up of 5 advertisements of varying shapes that correspond to the Ad Window shapes that members can select from.

Q. What is a Host Site?

A. A Host Site is a site that you own and have registered with Buzzlord for the purpose of displaying other members Ads. Each user is required to display the ads of other members.

Q. Why do I need a Host Site?

A. Each user is required to register a Host Site from which to display the ads of other users.

Q. How do I earn Credits?

A. Each time your Host Site displays an Advertisement you earn credits. You also earn credits when a user clicks on an Advertisement displayed on your Host Site.

Q. Do You Have Any Quick Tips For Creating Ads?

A. Make sure that there is a border within the image if it uses a solid background. Buzzlord's Ad Window doesn't force a border by default, so if you don't have a border within your image it could look strange on any site that has the same color background.

Q. Are There Benefits To Choosing A Larger Ad Window?

A. Yes. The more virtual real-estate your Ad Window takes up, the more credits it generates per impression. Skyscraper generates the most, followed by Rectangle/Leaderboard and then Small Rectangle/Banner.

Q. How do I create my free advertisement?

A. There are many ways to create your free Advertisement. You can download a template from Buzzlord and customize it or create your own advertisement from scratch using any graphics or picture editing program. You can also use free online tools to create an advertisement.

Q. Can I display Buzzlord ads on more than one site?

A. Yes. You can display buzzlord ads (your ad window) on as many sites as you wish. Buzzlord only requires that the code is on at least one site, there is no limit.

Q. Why is my new campaign "Pending?"

A. To protect our users, each new campaign must be approved by the editors at All sites must be manually checked to ensure that they do not violate our terms of use, pose a security threat or perform otherwise malicious advertising. After your site has been approved by our staff, your site will be automatically set to Active.

Q. Does Buzzlord use client side scripting that will mess up my page for users who can't run those scripts?

A. No, Buzzlord uses only server side scripting.

Q. Do I have to write any programming code?

A. No, Buzzlord automatically generates all code for your Ad Window, all you need to do is copy that code from Buzzlord's site and paste it into the area of your choosing on your Host Site.

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