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Templates Gallery:

The Buzzlord Templates Gallery is a collection of pre-made advertisement templates that you can download and edit if you do not want to create your own advertisement from scratch. Templates are in .GIF or .PNG form and can be edited using any graphics editing tool.

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Offline Image Editing Tools:

Free Tools - (these FREE tools are all you need to create great looking Buzzlord Ads)

GIMP - The best available free image editing software. Get it now!

Paint.Net - Another very impressive image editing tool.

Serif Photoplus - Another great FREE image editing tool.

Other Tools - (not recommended unless you already own the software)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Fireworks

Online Image Editing Tools:

These tools allow you to edit images over the internet without actually having any image editing software on your computer. Very handy if you don't already have or know how to use image editing software.

Pixlr - Our favorite online photo editor.

Splashup - A terrific web-based image editing tool.

Picnik - A great online photo editor!

SUMO Paint - An online paint tool.